Burlington Law Office

Welcome to Burgess Law Office. Are you a small business owner facing big decisions? Richard Burgess helps navigate the complexities of business law with straight forward, non-complicated legal advice. With a history as a local small business owner himself, Rick is both accessible and can identify with your issues. Talk with Rick today about taking the risk out of your business.

Business Law

The Burgess Law Office provides legal advice to business clients, helping them find solutions to their problems so they can concentrate on managing their businesses. Clients consult us for matters such as business start-ups, financing, buying & selling a business, leases, and preparing and interpreting contracts. In short, all the legal questions and issues that arise in the course of a business operation.

Our Burlington law office services clients primarily in Burlington, Oakville, Halton Region, Mississauga, Hamilton, and Niagara. We also act for foreign investors, primarily from the U.S. and Europe, seeking advice on their investments in Canada.

Wills & Estates

We also provide advice, guidance and legal services in the areas of wills and estates. We have consulted with countless clients about their goals for the disposition of their assets, and helped them finalize their wills to realize those goals.

When a death occurs, family members often look for help to deal with the estate of the deceased. For most, this is an unfamiliar experience – they’re not sure where to begin, and what must be done to properly administer the estate and distribute its assets. We help people in these trying times, getting the ball rolling and providing answers and a sense of direction.


Business operators will sometimes find themselves engaged in a dispute, perhaps with a supplier or customer, or even with an employee or former employee. Our litigation system no longer always provides a satisfactory forum to resolve these disputes; it is expensive, it takes a long time, and it destroys any possibility of emerging with an ongoing relationship due to its adversarial nature.

Mediation provides a speedy, accessible, affordable alternative to litigation when your business runs up against this type of dispute. The Burgess Law Office provides mediation services specifically aimed at finding resolutions to commercial and workplace-based disputes.

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