The Importance of Small Business Jun 28, 2013

A recent newspaper article in a national business publication highlighted a new trend among Canada’s large, multiple-office law firms. Apparently, they’ve discovered the importance and value of start-up and smaller business enterprises.

Their approach to attract and service these businesses as clients includes assigning younger, less experienced lawyers to have charge of the initiative, and finding ways to reduce or waive their fees.

At the Burgess Law Office, we have always recognized the importance to the economy (especially the local economy outside major urban centers) of start-up and smaller businesses. In fact, our office was established with a view to serving these business operators. Our business client base consists almost exclusively of small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s), and we have assisted with the legal components of more business start-ups than we can count.

Our experience as a business owner and operator (see “Why Choose Us”) has provided knowledge and expertise that allows strategic input and guidance that, in many cases, extends beyond just legal advice.

It’s encouraging to see the national law firms recognizing that SME’s and start-up businesses represent a niche market of interest to them – something that Burgess Law Office has known since we opened our doors.