Business Law Services

The Burgess Law Office specializes in providing business law solutions primarily to small and medium-sized businesses — those that tend to be owned and operated by the same people.

Included in our areas of service are:

  1. Business start-ups, including incorporations, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, and business registrations.
  2. Financings, including bank and institutional loans, private financings, equity participation, including the taking and registration of security relating to loans and financings.
  3. Contract advice, including negotiation, preparation, review and interpretation.
  4. Forming Professional Corporations and assisting with certification.
  5. Mergers and acquisitions.
  6. Purchases and sales of business interests, including share and asset transactions and foreign business investment.
  7. General legal advice on everyday legal issues and questions.

Who uses us?

Business owners and operators from a wide range of industries have benefited from the advice and services of the Burgess Law Office:

  • Manufacturers and industrial companies
  • Commercial companies
  • Service businesses
  • Retailers
  • Government organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Web design & web hosting companies
  • IT support providers
  • IT program developers
  • Health industry companies
  • Professional corporations
  • Franchisees

And we have helped with a wide range of business issues:

  • whether and when to incorporate your business
  • what types of shares are appropriate to deal with questions of control and income splitting
  • the negotiation and settlement of shareholder agreements
  • consumer protection issues and matters of privacy legislation
  • lease negotiations and franchise agreements
  • trademark issues and the registration of trademarks
  • software development contracts
  • companies going out of business, including the transfer of operating assets and intellectual property.

Wills & Estates Services

The Burgess Law Office offers advice and guidance to meet our clients’ needs and expectations concerning the disposition of assets and property on death. We also help with Powers of Attorney, which are essential to ensure the client’s trusted choice is the person to manage property, including investments, and to determine health care options.

And, we provide legal support to an Estate Trustee in the administration of an estate. The Estate Trustee’s job is both complex and important, and many people find themselves in the role for the first time. It’s comforting to know there is help available to navigate the course.

Our areas of service in this field include:

  1. Assistance in understanding the options available in the outcomes the will can achieve, and which options are appropriate for each particular client and his or her circumstances.
  2. Preparation and completion of the will.
  3. Preparation and completion of codicils to the will when changed circumstances warrant minor revisions.
  4. Preparation and completion of Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care.
  5. Advice and guidance for the Estate Trustee in the administration of an estate.
  6. Preparation and filing of applications for probate, where appropriate.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

The Burgess Law Office provides mediation services to help resolve commercial and workplace-based disputes. Mediation is generally viewed as the first step in the ADR process, which is intended to find solutions to disputes without resort to expensive litigation. A trained and experienced mediator helps disputing parties negotiate a settlement designed to respect and satisfy the legitimate interests of both sides.

Our ADR services are:

  1. Leading mediation sessions to assist in the resolution of disputes between businesses, often those that have an existing business relationship which gave rise to the dispute.
  2. Mediation to resolve disputes between co-workers or supervisor and subordinate, which can be particularly desirable where both employees are valuable to the business, but disagreements are proving disruptive.
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