Why choose us

Business Law

At the Burgess Law Office, we’ve lived your challenges, frustrations, questions, goals and achievements. Richard Burgess owned and operated a manufacturing and retail business for 6 years. He had to produce things people wanted, sell them, get paid and meet a bi-weekly payroll for 50 people. He understands the things you have to deal with and overcome to be successful.

Rick has also provided business law solutions to all manner of businesses over several years. He has serviced national and multi-national corporations, helping them acquire new business units and complete complex financing arrangements.

Most of his business law clients, however, have been small and medium size, owner-operator businesses.

When you require legal advice, you want to know that your lawyer understands and can meet your needs — and will work within your deadlines. The Burgess Law Office makes that happen.

Wills & Estates

When you need guidance and advice in the preparation of your will or the administration of the estate of a departed loved one, you must be able to trust in the skill and compassion of those helping you. We understand that you need to be confident your will has been prepared to accomplish your wishes. We also understand how trying it can be to deal with loss, and we work with those striving to do so to help remove as much stress as possible.


If you’re looking for resolution to a business dispute that is quick and affordable, mediation can serve your needs. To be effective, however, the process requires leadership from a trained and skilled mediator — one who knows the legal rights of the parties, is able to recognize a fair result and understands business.

Rick meets all three criteria. He is an experienced business lawyer, an experienced business operator and an experienced mediator.

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